Best Places to Visit For Families With Children

Last updated June 28, 2021

Slovakia is Europe’s hidden gem and it has a lot to offer for both kids and adults.

Slovakia is a must-visit place for any family looking for an active holiday. With Slovakia’s beautiful scenery, medieval towns, castles, ski parks and hiking trails makes Slovakia the perfect place for a beautiful holiday. Not only does Slovakia have beautiful scenery and medieval towns, it also has great food, water parks, caves and ZOOs.

Here’s some recommendations on where to start your Slovakian adventure… 

Belianska Jaskyna Cave

Belianska Jaskyna Cave is the only cave open to the public in the High Tatras. The cave spreads over 1,370 m and takes 70 minutes to walk through. The cave has a nice and safe path system that makes it possible to explore with children over 6 years.

The cave displays many beautiful natural cave decorations, waterfalls and lakes. The cave has several halls inside, but the most famous hall is called Hudobná sieň (Concert hall) the reason for this name is because of its concert level acoustics and continual sound of water drops falling in to the lake.


  • Adults: 10€
  • Children & handicapped people: 5€
  • Students & Adults over 60 years: 9€

Distance From The Apartment:

104 km (1 hour & 11 minutes in car)

Habakuky - Dobsinsky fairytale world

This one is more for the kids but can also be enjoyed by adults. Habakuky is a fairytale world placed in Donovaly which consists of houses in the style of folk-imaginative architecture and provides an atmosphere for visitors of Slovak folk tales. The heroes of folk tales such as Bearskin, Loktibrada and others will take care of an unforgettable experience for the whole family.


  • Kids under 3: free
  • age 3-99: 10€

Distance From The Apartment:

31.5km (31 Minutes in car)

Národná ZOO Bojnice

Bojnice ZOO is the oldest and most visited zoo in Slovakia. It was opened to the public on April 1, 1955. Its current area is 41 acres. The ZOO has more than 360 different spices, where 33 of the animals were bred and over 100 of the animals were adopted. The ZOO also has many rescue programs to rescue endangered animals.

The ZOO is a perfect place for every family to visist, Bojnice ZOO has a lot to offer and will make sure veryone in the family is entertained.


  • Kids under 4 years: Free
  • Kids 4 – 15 years: 4€
  • Adults: 8€

Distance From The Apartment:

97.2 km (1 Hour & 34 Minutes in car)

Water Park Bešeňová

Water Park Bešeňová is one of the best places to have a fantastic family trip. The water park offers a total of 17 pools with 9 year around pools, 4 thermal pools and 5 summer pools. The water park also has a total of 13 water slides which has a combined length of 1,413 meters, 6 of the water slides are only open during the summer season.

The water park also offers much more than just pools and water slides, Bešeňová has a total of 5 restaurants and bars, a wellness and spa area and many events ranging from New Year’s Eve to concerts.


Prices vary from season to season, where the average price without GOPASS for an adult is 27 € and 20 € for children.

Distance From The Apartment:

14.2 km (17 Minutes in a car)


TARZANIA is a rope park built of different kinds of rope obstacles hanging on trees or artificial pillars. You can try TARZANIA both in summer and winter. Rope Park is for anyone who wants to enjoy high adrenaline, sports challenge and perfect memories. TARZANIA operates eleven rope parks around Slovakia.

The great news is that the TARZANIA park is located right in the resort and has the longest zipline in Slovakia, which is 1,110 meters long and goes from one side of the resort to the other side. TARZANIA has a total of 10 parks in Slovakia, of which 4 of the parks are within 40 minutes of the resort. The TARZANIA park in Hrabovo has 3 adult tracks, 1 children track and 3 zipline tracks.


  • Adult: 12€
  • Kids: 6€
  • Ziplines 8€ – 20€

Distance From The Apartment:

200 meters (4 Minutes on foot)

Ski Parks

Slovakia is known to be home to Europe’s hidden gem ski destinations. Within the Tatras Mountains, which are largely part of the Carpathian region that runs through Central and Eastern Europe, there are 27 beautiful ski resorts with some of the most popular being Jasna and Štrbské Pleso.

The benefits of Slovakia being Europe’s hidden gem are so amazing. Some of the benefits that Slovakia has to offer are affordable ski lifts, excellent snow, fewer people on the slopes and lifts, cheap bears and a plenty of spa facilities, all of this makes Slovakia a must-visit for your next ski holiday.

Nearly all ski resorts in slovakia has children slopes and excellent ski trainers who can speak english. If you want to know more about ski resorts in Slovkaia you can click here.


Prices vary a lot depending on where and for how long you are expecting to be skiing.

Distance From The Apartment:

8 of the 10 best ski resorts in Slovakia are less than an hour’s drive from the apartment. The closest of the ski resorts is Malino Brdo, which is located in the same resort as the apartment and is ranked as the 5th best ski resort in Slovakia.

Cycling and hiking in the Slovak mountains.

The Slovak mountains have a lot to offer in its many mountains with around 854 hiking trails and even more bike trails with everything from road cycling to mountain biking. Slovakia’s fantastic nature and scenery is a perfect place to hike or bike in. Slovakia has a lot of child-friendly hiking and biking trails.


All hiking and cycling trails are free unless you need a chair or cabin lift to get to your trail.

Distance From The Apartment:

There is a lot of beautiful hiking trails in and around the resort.

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