Top 5 Bike Parks In Slovakia

Last updated on June 28, 2021

If you love nature, MTB and adrenaline Slovakia’s many bike parks might just be the perfect place for you.

Tucked away in Slovakia’s stunning nature is where you will find Slovakia’s bicycle parks. Slovakia has a total of 1,870 MTB trails spread across Slovakia’s 8 regions with Žilina as the most popular region for MTB in. Žilina alone has a total of 308 MTB trails covering a distance of 671 km.

Most trails in Slovakia’s bike parks are designed for Downhill Mountainbiking while most of Slovakia’s normal MTB trails are not in official bike parks, but are located in groups around Slovakia. The bike parks usually also offer much more than just downhill, most bike parks also offer many hiking trails and beautiful scenery.

5. Donovaly Bike Park

Donovaly is best known for their ski park, which has 11 km of ski slopes, but donovaly also has a 2,100 meter long DH single track with a total elevation gain of 420 meters, the trail starts at a peak of 1,340 meters and goes down to 920 meters. Donovaly may not be the largest bike park in Slovakia when it comes to DH trails, but it has a lot to offer.

The bicycle park has a total of 42 cycle paths with a total distance of 375 km of marked cycle trails ready to be ridden on. These bike trails are designed for road and mountain biking, the trails are designed in a way that gives riders 1 to 8 hours of rides, the trails can be ridden by riders with a wide range of abilities from families with young children, teenagers, adults, the elderly through to more tough core riders.

Pricing Of Bike Lift:

  • 1 ride: 3.50 €
  • 10 rides: 35.00€
  • 1 day 15.00€

Distance From The Apartment:

31.1 km (33 Minutes in car)

4. Kubínska hoľa

 Kubínska hoľa is also a very well known ski resort but in summer, the piste at Kubínska ski resort will be transformed into a BIKE PARK with the Super Mix adventure piste with a total length of 5.51 km.

The Super Mix track is designed for all types of mountain bikes: MTB, XC, Enduro, DH. It is free of dangerous technical sites, so it is also suitable for beginner cyclists and families with children, but fast sections and interesting jumps will please even advanced cyclists.

Natural obstacles such as off-road drums, various jumps, waves, sloping bends or wooden bridges make your trip an unforgettable experience!


  • 1x cable car – cyclists: Adult 9 € Kids 6 €
  • 2x cable car to the top of Kubínska hole – cyclists: Adult 14 € Kids 9 €
  • 4 hours – cyclists: Adult 18 € Kids 11 €
  • 1 day – cyclists: Adult 22 € Kids 14 €

Distance From The Apartment:

27.5 km (34 Minutes in car)

3. Jasná Bike Park

Jasná is best known as the largest ski park in Slovakia with over 44 km of ski slopes, but skiing is not the only thing Jasná has to offer. Jasná has a total of 4 downhill trails with different difficulties, all trails are accessible by chairlift.

The bike park is suitable for everyone who is interested in cycling downhill. It makes use of the natural terrain and together with wooden obstacles and terrain adjustment it offers high quality driving conditions.


Prices ranges from 12 € to 28 € depending on if you have gopass and how long you are planning to ride for.

Distance From The Apartment:

41.3 km (39 Minutes in car)

2. MÝTO Bike Park

MÝTO Bike Park has a lot to offer, with MÝTO’s 9 bike trails there is really something for everyone. MÝTO’s 9 bike trails covers a distance of 8.45 km with all different kinds of trails ranging from DH trails to Pumptracks. There is access to all bike trails with charilifts.

MÝTO is also a fantastic bike park due to restaurant options and bike trails for children. Whatever you expect your downhill experience to be, MÝTO will meet your expectations for the perfect day of downhill riding.


Prices ranges from 15 € to 190 € depending on how long you are planning to ride for with the seasonpass being the most expensive and a 3 hours ticket being the cheapest.

Distance From The Apartment:

78.1 km (1 hour and 3 minutes in car)

1. Malino Brdo Bike Park

Malino Brdo Bike Park is by far one of the best bike parks in Slovakia. Malino Brdo has a wide range of downhill trails with over 11 trails and over 19 km of downhill trails. Malino Brdo is the hub of downhill in Slovakia, Malino brdo is known for being home to bike camps, downhill tournaments and many other events.

Not only do Malino Brdo have many DH trails, but they are also constantly repairing their trails and building new ones. All trails in the bike park are accessible by chair or cabin lift. What also makes Malino Brdo a fantastic bike park are the many great restaurants around and on the mountain. Malino Brdo is a must-visit bike park for all mountain and downhill bikers.


Prices ranges from 8 € to 149 € depending on how long you are planning to ride for and what age you are. The seasonpass is the most expensive and a 1 ride ticket being the cheapest.

Distance From The Apartment:

100 Meters (2 Minutes on foot) The bike is placed in the same resort as the apartment.

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